Who are we?

We are a collective of members of state and territory parties of the Australian Greens. To protect ourselves from persecution within The Greens, we will not disclose our names here. We work with members and supporters to meet our objectives.

Why do we exist?

The Australian Greens, its state and territory branches and some elected representatives have censored debate on sex and gender. They have declared discussion on sex and gender to be inherently harmful, while also declaring that there is no conflict between sex-based and gender identity-based rights and laws. In doing so, they silence dissent, they silence female voices, and they dismiss the rights and safety of members.

The Greens seek legislative power and have a broad policy platform, and so must find a way to have open and respectful debates about the laws we wish to implement. We seek debate where everyone is able to contribute without being persecuted. This explicitly includes those who understand sex to be an immutable biological reality and gender to be socially constructed. We believe that The Greens need to return to the principles of open debate, the right to dissent and freedom of expression, and resist authoritarian tendencies in left-wing organisations to declare feminist speech hateful.

Are we ‘gender critical’?

Yes, in that we are critical of the harmful socially constructed roles that society expects men and women, and girls and boys, to perform. We are critical of laws, policies, actions and language that uphold harmful sex role stereotypes. We embrace gender nonconformity and freedom of expression for everyone. As Greens we critique sex role expectations from an unashamedly left-wing standpoint, and reject the conservative sex roles advocated for by gender critics on the right.

Why have we gone public?

In 2022, Australian Greens office bearers and elected representatives have become increasingly bold in supporting and encouraging attacks on Greens members who call for the right to debate issues relating to sex and gender. If they are emboldened because they think they have public support on their side, and that members will not fight back, they are mistaken.

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